Becoming an artist for Seint was one of better decisions I’ve made in life!  I wasn’t expecting to get as much out of it as I have.  When I first signed up, I thought it would just be amazing as an add-on service in my salon.  It’s proven to be that and so much more!  I’ve never been so excited to represent a product, this one is an easy one for me!  When you love something, the passion to share it just comes second nature.


We offer many incredible products, but the one that started it all is the IIID Foundation.  It’s the minimal makeup approach where all of your makeup comes in separate magnetic tins that all fit in one beautiful palette. Being completely customizable, quick and easy, what woman wouldn’t want it? It’s so simple and fun to share, anyone can definitely do it!  


In the beginning of 2021, we came out with a new product line called Demi Corrector.  After doing the trainings provided, I was in the first group of 10 women in the entire company to become certified to represent this specific product line.  It is simple to understand but takes some unlearning from what we have been used to seeing in the makeup industry.  I will help you understand Demi Corrector as well as all of the other great products so that you’ll be able to share it with the world as quick as possible!  This product is so unique, it will absolutely shake things up, in a big way!  What an awesome thing to be a part of!


When you sign up to become an artist for Seint, it’s as easy as just sharing what you love as a NORMAL HUMAN on the internet and/or in person.  We highly discourage any icky & annoying sales tactics.  Forget cold calling and begging people to buy your product.  That’s not us!  As a Seint community, we try very hard to create a culture that empowers, teaches & shares our love for our products and our mission.  That’s it!  It’s great to receive commission off of something that is so easy to share about!


The artist program is set up in a way that you can receive 20%-40% commission on all of your own personal sales plus added bonuses from any downline that you may have.  You can choose to build a team or not, it’s totally up to you!  There are no minimum sales quotas to reach before commissions kick in, you will make money on every penny you sale from day one!


You don’t have to carry any inventory, isn’t that great?! The corporate team at Seint will do all of the shipping, returns, purchasing, customer service and managing your website for you for a monthly back-office fee of only $12.95.  Get paid each Friday as well as any bonuses on the 10th of each month.


When purchasing your own product, you will receive a 20% discount plus you can earn free products! There are no auto shipments either, your customers aren’t trapped into anything that they don’t want to be.  No previous experience needed!  I will help you learn what you need to and I promise you’ll pick it up fast, it’s simple!


After signing up with me, I will contact you very soon to help you hit the ground running.  With endless amounts of resources to help you succeed in your business, I will help you decide what will be best for you! I am your personal mentor and am always available to help with any questions you have or support you might need. No matter where you are in the US or Canada, because of technology, we will stay connected. It is not necessary to live close to me to get my full support! As artists, we have a huge company reunion each year where we come together for trainings, inspiration, dance parties, bonding and much more!  It’s always the best girls trip of the year!


We also offer incentive & leadership trips for those who go the extra mile in their business throughout the year.  Cancun, Cabo, San Fransisco, Lake Tahoe have been a few of the favorites.


You can cancel at any time with no penalties.


We have 3 different options to choose from.

Click on a kit for more info.

$99 US 

Brush Cleanser, IIID Palette 8, 3 Brushes, Perfector,

5 Reusable Rounds, Lip Conditioner

$450 US

*Includes: 23 IIID Foundations, 12 Eyeshadows, 6 Brushes, 1 Perfector,

4 Pallettes, 1 Milk Moisturizer

$225 US

*Includes: 19 IIID Foundations, 2 Brushes, 1 Perfector, 3 Palettes

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