DEMI CORRECTOR is a new product line made by Seint. Unlike regular foundation where you have several different shades of Beige to choose from to cover all of your skin, with Demi you will use a few different colors but only cover a very small portion of your face.  This product can be used 100% on its own, or side-by-side IIID Foundation.  These colors look more like the rainbow. The color that you’ll use will not be Beige, and they will not cover up all of your skin. You will take a GOOD look at your face and identify the areas that are most distracting to you. For me, this is blemishes and dark spots around my eyes, and some excess redness around my nose. For others, it might look like dark under eyes, rosacea or dark sun-spots.

We will look at these specific spots and decide what color they are, then using the color wheel, we will pick the complimentary color. With our small brushes that are made for these products, we will place that complimentary color directly on top of the distraction that we are trying to get rid of. Because of color science, this will make that spot practically disappear and blend right into the rest of your face. You can then use our deeper colors to add shape & dimension to your face (similar to contouring). We will use the same color science method. None of these colors will go on top of the other, it will all be in one layer. You will use such a minimal amount of product that it will feel like you have nothing on. And because of the way that this product is formulated, you won’t be able to detect makeup on your skin. Your skin will ACTUALLY look like skin. It will still have that beautiful luminous look to it.

This product is very simple, but takes some unlearning because of the ways we’ve been taught previously. We are truly embracing our natural beauty and simply getting rid of distractions that take away from that. Depending on how your skin is looking from day to day and how much you’re wanting to filter out, you might only be putting this product on 5%-40% of your face. Your gorgeous skin will then be the showstopper that it was always meant to be!

We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between showing off the features that you love and polishing the areas you don’t. Demi Corrector uses stunningly smooth texture and refined color to enhance the beautiful features of your face without sacrificing the inimitable radiance of your skin. Your natural beauty is extraordinary and exclusive; we want you to share it with the world.

Because of the fact that your skin changes from day to day, I recommend starting with a variety of different colors that will help you filter out distractions. After that, you can add to your collection by purchasing any single color. I’d love to see your face so that I can help you choose the best collection for your skin tone. Check out the directions below to take a picture of your face. Go ahead and send me this picture and I will get back to you in 24-48 hours with my recommendations. Once you know what’s best for you, click *here* for purchasing.

I realize that you are going to need some help learning how to use this product. I am here to work with you personally and teach you everything that you need to know! “Here” are some tutorials that you might find helpful. If you need further assistance, please reach out and I will be happy to help you!

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