IIID Foundation

IIID FOUNDATION is a breakthrough approach to traditional foundation. We use highlighting and contouring to show off the best aspects of your face. It lifts your cheeks, brings out your bone structure, and creates a glowing complection.
The process in the past for highlighting and contouring has been such a long and daunting process with so many different colors layered on top of each other. It just isn’t realistic for most women. We needed a better solution to our outdated, one color foundation that took all of the dimension out of our faces.
That’s when IIID Foundation was born. We consolidated all of those layers into one that does it all! We’ve created the perfect foundation combo! Simply apply the products to the right places on your face, the first time, in one layer, and you’ll get all of the beautiful benefits of highlighting and contouring without all of the drawbacks!
Our refillable magnetic compacts have open slots for all of your makeup tins that are customized to your skin tone. You only have to buy what you need, when you need it. No more waisting a bunch of products that you’ll never use!


Highlight is a cream foundation that gives you coverage as well as brightens and smooths your skin tone.


Contour is a cream foundation that sculpts and accentuates your natural features to add dimension and definition.


Blush for enhancing your complexion.


Illuminator for an extra touch of luminous glow.

Add in the perfect double ended brush for application and this gives you the perfect kit to get you started!

With the buildable coverage to fit your preferences, you can now have your cake and eat it too! Here is a video that will help you know where to apply each product.

Now you’re ready to get color matched for your own customized palette and purchase your own starter kit! Follow the directions below and send me that selfie! I will get back to you in 24-48 hours. Once you know your perfect colors, click *here* for purchasing. If you prefer to find your own shades and start with a premade collection, that is a great option as welI! Click *here* for that.  I will be your personal makeup coach and walk you through everything you need to know. When you have questions or need any help with your makeup, I am here to help you!

 For frequent tutorials of these products and much more, check out my Instagram or Youtube! @krista.styles

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